June 19, 2020

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ReductionTech Offsets_INVOICE Federal 2020

Governments must come to their senses and reset the atmosphere safely and urgently: this is why we have waited for 20 years for governments to evolve. Governments must act and scale up safe technologies like ReductionTech immediately.

Governments now contend with vast emissions gaps and threatened infrastructure
from their population's emissions, and individuals are overwhelmed at
the climate breakdown-climate-damage story and don't know what to do
systemically. There is a solution that can remove everything found in
the atmosphere, reversing all of the problems with our air that come
with modern society, even with emissions reductions. It will take
1000 years to lower our CO2 levels without some kind of technology to
remove it. Why not use nature's #1 atmospheric cleanser and remove
all greenhouse gases simultaneously and leave no toxic residues.

This is the home of humanity's chance at resetting the atmosphere to a clean,
cool state with simple dispersal technology that provides proven
natural chemistry in about 90 years. Please Share this post with all
decision makers you know because now is the time to scale a safe and
sustainable all-GHG removal technology that has no toxic residues, is
recyclable, and returns the air to a pristine state by efficiently
dispersing a naturally occurring cleanser called the hydroxyl.

Hydroxyl, or OH* became fully active as mother nature’s atmospheric cleanser 2.4 Billion years ago in the “great oxygenation event” and has been successfully working to destroy pollutants without residues ever since. It did a really good job until it was overwhelmed in urban centers and is now globally overwhelmed. See the video link on the hydroxyl on our front page. We think mimicking nature is the best option for removing greenhouse gases, if you agree, please tell others about us.

All we are asking is for governments and businesses to adopt the world’s simplest hydroxyl dispersal technology. Running this equipment only involves monitoring 3 parameters-temperature, pressure and flow. Anyone thinking or saying that this low tech approach is a challenge to scale for a global mitigation is sadly misinformed and should not be trusted! Society needs “easy peasy” in an emergency and this total GHG removal solution is easy to adopt. Tell your government about us as an act of self protection-we’ll do the rest permanently for $20 per CO2e US. 

ReductionTech Offsets_INVOICE Federal 2020

We Look forward to serving you. Remit this completed form to admin@reductiontech.com, and we will contact you regarding milestone based payment terms.


Our development process from prototypes to final design: this shows our planned factories and some of our previous designs.

Video of closely related technology in our lab: https://youtu.be/epFw8nsdyyY