March 9, 2021

ReductionTech Hydroxyl Can Permanently Sequester CO2 From Any Important Industry’s Stack

How we do this is by streaming oxide into a flue gas, or (post flue gas). It converts the CO2 to a mineral acid that is harmlessly and permanently “rained out” of clouds to the ground. The CO2 in the flue gas should have water with it so that the oxide can immediately form into doublet hydroxyl. (water vapor can be added). Some flue streams may need to be cooled. Here is our introduction of the chemistry to the steel making and cement industries with their cost benefits. We only have to charge $50/ton for this without cooling. This is 3x cheaper than other methods trying to make products from CO2, however, we can support the concentrated production of mineral oxides to save costs, if desired, Talk to us today!


Smokestack Janitor: Stack based hydroxyl injection for removal of pollutants/GHGs harmlessly to the environment. $10/TCO2e

Hydroxyl Dispersal: $5/CO2e removed at scale, can be piped into working cooling towers.

Direct Air Capture of GHGS from the atmosphere $10/CO2e at scale

Targeted stack CO2 removal $50.00/T at scale Contact us to discuss your needs.

Targeted Methane Removal by injection to remote sites: $140/1 T CH4, or $2800/1 T Oxide Delivered in Water

PLUS Acid pH remediation (sparging) 1200 cells, $2,000/1T Oxide delivered

Steel and Cement