May 13, 2021

April 22 2022 Update: ReductionTech Enters the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition and Qualifies for the Grand Prize Competition

On April 10th, 2021, we officially became a participant in the Musk Foundation|XPRIZE Foundation race for scalable Carbon removal technologies. Our multifaceted oxidant chemistry can remove all GHGs all at once, and may be a good candidate for residue free ocean alkalization treatment via sparging of oxide radicals, which, we have proven, raise pH levels in water based fluids.

Over our years of concept work, the only thing we did not manage to study was whether the hydroxyl can be used to capture CO2 from the stack. Once we get going again it will be a simple, inexpensive test to look at this. 

The competition is a 4 year commitment, but more importantly, an opportunity to show what our low temperature hydroxyl dispersal design can do. The hydroxyl is known as the main natural atmospheric detergent in science, thus we are a nature – mimicking technology that is a solid state system.

We will keep everyone informed, and are grateful to these two foundations for their leadership in this very needful clean technology category of carbon removal.