A Total Silver Bullet Was There The Whole Time for Climate and Pollution


Hydroxyl, or OH* became fully active as mother nature’s atmospheric cleanser 2.4 Billion years ago in the “great oxygenation event” and has been working to destroy pollutants without residues ever since. It did a really good job until it was overwhelmed in urban centers and is now globally overwhelmed. See the video link on the hydroxyl on our front page. We think mimicking nature is the best option for removing greenhouse gases, if you agree, please tell others about us. This technology is the best total remedy and, the best value in the direct air capture technology field. It is deeply rooted Earth System science that includes major literature in paleoclimatology, fossil records, and contemporary atmospheric chemistry about the hydroxyl.


Our specially crafted recyclable smart ceramic gives off a special universal oxidant known as the hydroxyl when it meets water. Hydroxyl is a naturally occurring total air quality solution that mankind has completely overwhelmed with pollution and greenhouse gases. This is the reason the limited sky above and around us is toxic and too hot. Added hydroxyl is safe and effective and unfortunately, necessary to fight climate change and all of its damages at the root cause. It removes all greenhouse gases including CO2, Methane, refrigerant gases, fine particulate matter and short lived climate pollutants. It leaves behind just what we need-clean water, Nitrogen and Oxygen. It conditions complex chemicals for removal with the help of water. We really could not ask for more from the Hydroxyl. It is the molecule that can safely navigate us out of climate chaos by remo

One single membrane unit at ReductionTech is equivalent to 40,000 trees in eCO2 global cooling. At $10 average per trees cost-that’s $400,000. Our unit cost is $80,000 over the same time frame. We remove all greenhouse gases at the root of the problem w/no side effects to enviro. all GHGs at the root of the problem are removed!