Good News-Our Technology Removes all Types of Greenhouse Gases from the Air- Helping Everyone Disrupt the Cycle of Increasing Climate Damages

Technology that Works Directly Towards Global Cooling and Climate Restoration for businesses and communities is here. We can disrupt the climate collapse with safe community based greenhouse gas removal. You can now set negative emissions targets with ReductionTech in your climate management arsenal. The technology provides a full atmospheric “reset” to pristine air and is also known as the EMERGENCY METHANE ARRESTERS.


The role Cities play in climate damage relates directly to how much greenhouse gas is emitted from the City. Many Cities have now determined that they have a large emissions gap to contend with after applying all the different ways they can reduce net emissions and know that they must go carbon negative. The gases society emitted even 15 years ago are still in the atmosphere and they need to be removed.

Executive Summary: Click to Download 2 pages

Our technology is involved in a Nobel Prize nomination for Chemistry, and our founder and nominee, Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, an Environmental Engineer, is a world expert on hydroxyl remediation and Geotherapy for the Climate Collapse Emergency as well as the technology designer. She has standardized this technology on oxygen and CO2 already, and is ready to easily move to making the technology run with the oxygen in ordinary air.

Our hydroxyl from air removes, CO2 by advanced weathering, oxidizes Methane & refrigerant GHGs and all short-lived climate pollutants. It will be the fastest way known to safely bring these GHG levels down as a group from the ground which is preferable to airlift based cooling options like SRM.”

Our Smart Ceramics pipe hydroxyl through a stack or outlet and this is released either with or without steam. The ceramics are computer monitored for continuous operation and require little maintenance. The hydroxyl travels to the pollution -rather than sucking the pollution to the equipment for primary treatment so it is 2500 times more efficient than fan based atmospheric sucking techniques. The air we use to make the hydroxyl is cleaned at the same time the hydroxyl is formed, then the hydroxyl product is sent out to remove pollution everywhere. The air concentration of natural hydroxyl is around 0.5 ppm and is very swamped by an average of 3 ppm of pollution- it needs help and we raise the level by about 1 ppm to help. While a little extra of the irritant formaldehyde is produced, it is also removed by the hydroxyl much more rapidly. The gains made in removing dangerous greenhouse gases and all other pollutants outweighs this tiny amount of formaldehyde.

Every 100,000 persons in Canada need to have about 8 Tonnes of hydroxyl emitted to remove twice their lifetime carbon footprint if we are to have any chance of disrupting global warming and making gains into the historical emissions gap of every Western person.

Cities are now determining their emissions gaps and a technology solution to meet it is required. ReductionTech partners with communities and businesses to ensure that their assets will be shielded from the long term cycle of climate chaos and damages and makes the scaled technology affordable.

Our Technical brochure can be downloaded here: Municipal Government GENERIC Intro v 04 W FAQ Asset management for Smart Cities as Climate damages accelerate, should include our technology.

Endorsements of GC Green Carbon Reduction Tech

Dr. Peter Wadhams, Professor Emeritus of Cambridge University, who said that “the science is radical and important”, Andrew Ross, P Eng, Innovex Engineering, who said “exciting and technically sound”, and Dr. Kingsley Donkor, Professor, Thompson Rivers University, who said “the science merits inclusion in more text books”, “Relevant”, Stephen Brydon, Climate Change Strategy Branch, Province of BC.

Certification of our Offsets by accredited bodies is Currently being pursued.