March 2, 2022

ReductionTech CEO says that now is the time for funders to show courage

We bridge the world to the natural oxidative carbon removal, where we cause cooling by releasing Oxide radicals, which go on to form OH* radicals which is the main, but overwhelmed pollution sink, and the next day, hydroxide ions (which remove CO2 through the ‘UREY reaction’ in the Geochemical planetary sink. O* + H2O = 2OH*. We did all the footwork to get funded and scaled. Funders can approach us.

You can view this video about our current TRL 9 not 8 technology here:

Read the background science here:

The consequences of a hydroxyl/hydroxide release include total and rapid GHG removal, increased mineral diversity, increased biodiversity, decreased viral loads, reduction of weather extremes and ozone layer repair if needed. This is all due to our low tech, economical, small footprint technology.

Here is an April 13, 2022 disclosure on measurements of UVC in the US by a credible scientist/engineer serving us by watching this issue with metering equipment: