ReductionTech’s Biosphere Life Support & Climate Mitigation Division Services and The CO2 CRUSHER Division

Services: We sell Carbon Removal CCU and Storage Services by the Tonne To Companies and Governments While Also Repairing the Biosphere’s Life Support System

Introducing our suite of 10 trademarked natural hydroxyl-based products, designed to revolutionize climate and weather management with proven scientific principles. These products not only contribute to decarbonizing the atmosphere but also offer residue-free solutions. They are available for testing by governments and qualified private entities.

  1. Total Biosphere Restore by 2130 TM: Our hydroxyl generating system provides complete, residue-free removal of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and pollutants at scale. It is a cost-effective solution in the field of direct air carbon capture.
  2. The CO2 Crusher TM: Our system reclaims high value diamond carbon and mitigation oxygen from CO2. (faster than trees).
  3. Purest Alkaline TM: This water-based oxidant effectively removes pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and organics from waters and effluents. It is also a top choice for ethical alkalinity enhancement, supporting freshwater carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and oxygenation efforts.
  4. Natural Rain Trigger TM: Speeds up Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) coalescence and prepares the surrounding atmosphere for moderate precipitation.
  5. Natural Rain Suppress TM: Electrochemically suppresses precipitation in cumulus clouds and conditions the adjacent atmosphere. It mitigates extreme microbursts that can lead to devastating floods.
  6. Inversion Resolve TM: Aerial hydroxyl dispersal for resolving air quality issues in smart cities and regions, improving overall airshed conditions.
  7. Hurricane Calm TM: A powerful electron acceptor applied aerially to condition and de-energize known hurricane tracks. This product is available for testing.
  8. Tornado Calm TM: Electron acceptor solution aerially applied to suppress and de-energize tornadoes, contributing to safer weather conditions.

Special Services:

  • Ozone Remedy TM: We possess the ability to manufacture and lift ozone atoms to the stratosphere, particularly in cases where ozone holes become dangerously large or compromised by UVC-ground penetration. This service addresses the adverse effects of satellite traffic and disintegrations on the ozone layer.
  • CFC-Oxidize TM: We offer the production and dispersal (or application) of singly and doubly ionized oxygen atoms. These atoms effectively oxidize bromine (Br), chlorine (Cl), fluorine (F), iodine (I), astatine (At), and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), causing them to rain out as inert compounds.

All our products are water-based, advancing climate and weather modification science with powerful and non-toxic solutions that are remedial and harmonious with nature. We envision a future without the need for harsh weather and climate modification chemicals.

Our company is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the most pressing climate and environmental challenges. We are dedicated to achieving a CO2 level goal of 350 ppm, along with specific targets for non-CO2 GHGs. Our carbon removal density and speed surpass those of existing technologies, and our systems are 100% recyclable.

We operate with a single-order technical complexity, offering efficiency and effectiveness in our solutions. Our technology is CSA certified and pre-approved, and we are officially qualified to compete in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition in 2025.

Join us in our mission to restore the balance of our planet and safeguard its ecosystems. Together, we can create a more sustainable and resilient future.

About the past Great Oxidation Event, which we have the power to recreate:,beautiful%20than%20the%20early%20earth  

1- Controlled And Integrated Regional And Global Hydroxyl/Hydroxide Dispersal To Remove Every GHG And intercept ongoing and Legacy Atmospheric Pollutants. Our Tentative Goal for CO2 Levels is 350ppm CO2, 30-75ppm of non-CO2 GHGs in CO2e (79ppm, currently circa 2022-MIT). Comparison of carbon removal density with the popular Heirloom CaCO3 technology standard: ours is 6.5x denser per M^2, and 220x faster at 5.7 Kg/M^2/every 30 minutes (plus up to 22-30 CO2e T SGHGs) while CaCO3 is 875.7grams/M^2/2.5 days for CO2 only-no SGHGs are removed. The 5.6Kg of minerals we use are changed 1x a year and treat 33.15T of SGHGs including 16.17 T CO2/yr/M^2 of systems, Which are 100% recyclable. We have only a single order Technical Complexity (one stage) and they have a three-step (three stage) complexity. We offer a Methane Burp Solution and Total Atmospheric Restoration At scale we should cost only $52/T/ CO2e. Our Technology Will be CSA Certified which it is pre-approved for and is Officially Qualified to Compete in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition in 2025.

Business Specs: ReductionTech Business Specifications 05 2022

How we Calculate Credit for our hydroxyl: What happens when hydroxyl released explainer

2- “Canfield Ocean” Remedy to Remedy Oceanic Ecosystem Collapse. Please note that if the UVC Damages to the Phytoplankton is A Main Cause, Which it Can be, We Recommend Ozone Repair Concurrently. Our Oxide radical is infinitely soluble in all kinds of natural water-salt and fresh water included, and Also captures CO2 within the Ocean.

3- Emergency Ozone Layer Repair Procedure. We have a Special Double-Strength Oxygen Ion which can target Legacy and Ongoing Fluoride Compound Emissions, which is a Stratospheric Problem of Notable Vulnerability due to Forest Fire Smoke and Potential Volcanic eruptions, Which Have Been Made More Likely Because of GW. Particulate Removal is Included. If We Are Retained, we Will Call for a Halt of the use-a BAN- on Fluoride use in the Global Economy and a Further Review of Chlorinated Species in Order to Reduce the Costs to Society . We also can intercept the halogens in the Troposphere with OH*+ ions, with a Very Controlled Dispersal.  These are Radical Cations with an Enhanced Oxidation State (1 eV step higher than OH*). See this video:

4- Remedial Weather Modification using Hydroxyl Solutions. Includes Non-Toxic Drought Events Minimization, Regional Weather Severity Reduction, Precipitation Enhancement or in the case of CO2-Level Based Cloud Destruction, Emergency Precipitation Restoration and Mitigation. This Will Include Albedo Enhancement and an Increase in in-Cloud Condensation Cooling Effects, at Scale in Combination with GHG Removal, a Water Scarcity Reducer.

5- If CO2 is shipped to us, or we build near sources, our CO2 CRUSHER, can reduce CO2 to hydroxyl and manufacture ultra-hard high value diamond like carbon powder that can be laser sintered into diamond quality fibers, mold-formed/VTF structures with it, make radiation shielding, and laser sinter the powder to make high-test wear and structural parts like furniture, brick, board, blades, grinding tools, and beams. Carbon offsets upfront costs -on this technology- are estimated at $15/T, plus 70:1 weighted averaged downstream credits from the oxide byproduct that will cost approximately $75.

Purchase advance offsets at US $187.50/ T CO2e at this link or use the code:

“We Are Here for Your Successful Survival With A Truly Restored Atmosphere”

We are committed to your successful survival by working towards the restoration of a truly balanced atmosphere. Our mission is rooted in the belief that a restored environment is essential for the well-being and longevity of all living beings on Earth.

With our innovative hydroxyl-based solutions and services, we aim to address the urgent challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation. By actively removing greenhouse gases and pollutants, we strive to restore the delicate equilibrium of our atmosphere.

We understand the significance of a healthy and sustainable planet for the continuity of life as we know it. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to developing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that provide effective solutions for climate and weather management.

Together, let’s embark on this journey towards a restored atmosphere, ensuring a safer and more prosperous future for ourselves and future generations. Your successful survival is at the core of our purpose, and we are here to make it a reality.

Join us in our endeavor to create a world where the atmosphere is truly restored, promoting a harmonious coexistence between humanity and the environment.