What is involved in Our $187.50 Offset

Our hydroxyl based removal from the atmosphere means that we release 15.15Kg of oxide, O*, from our ceramic membranes to remove 1 CO2e of GHGs for you. This 15Kg of oxide will double to 32.19 Kg as it contacts water and forms OH*, the hydroxyl radical, which will then remove one CO2 equivalent tonne of GHGs via oxidation of short lived climate pollutants such as methane and hydrolysis and enhanced weathering of quite a lot of CO2. The hydroxyl makes GHGs fall out of the sky safely. Hydroxyl is a 10 in 1 solution: methane, CO2, N2O, SGHGs, ozone, short lived climate pollutants, carbon monoxide, ozone depleting substances, and particulate matter & artificial aerosols.

This happens in minutes, and the natural atmospheric system absorbs this quickly and safely into a massive natural sink. This sink is over 20GT in size. We appreciate your confidence in our technique, which is scientifically verified in the literature. We apportion the gases in the atmosphere by relative abundance to obtain the 100T CO2e value per tonne of Oxide released. You can see the apportionment work here: Please consider making even a small advance purchase of removed CO2e.

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For more mathematical detail on these offsets: https://www.reductiontech.com/apportionment-technique-explained/