Our Ironclad Guarantee: The Hydroxyl will remove all of the following constituents on contact in the table below by different methods, including oxidation, hydrolysis, and deposition. We have allowed for some extra (10%) to be lost to rain and any unknown processes. All of the  listed constituents’ reactions are known widely in the literature. Pristine air is possible only with hydroxyl. Rain and hydroxyl will slowly also remove forever chemicals if it is not inundated and is in good supply. 

We quantify our carbon removals based on what kind of carbon is present, and how much global warming potential it has because hydroxyl can remove all that is present on contact. Dispersing hydroxyl guarantees removal of what it contacts, which has been happening for 4 billion years. When we release 6.4 T of hydroxyl from one ceramic, we can guarantee that on average, 50T of carbon is removed from the atmosphere because of its already known removal chemistry. Hydroxyl rapidly fixes carbon and places it into three long term storage reservoirs: minerals in 1) soil and 2) waters,  and 3) sinks carbon into soil/plant microbiome systems and inorganic and ocean plant systems, that down well the carbon permanently. These effects have over a 20GT/yr capacity, so the Earth system can use hydroxyl to rapidly cool the planet if it is dispersed at scale. Pristine air is virtually only possible with hydroxyl, and pristine air is the most resistant to warming up, making hydroxyl the most desirable GHG removal treatment.

“Climate chaos will be even more harrowing without hydroxyl dispersal at scale because it is the most effective and time proven GHG remover”. Without hydroxyl- we and the planet would be dead, and that this is true also for biodiversity needs and calming the weather extremes with hydroxyl which is proven and published already in our fossil records and science literature. We all want the most safety in life, The world’s premier climate safety technique is hydroxyl dispersal, so please consider buying as much hydroxyl dispersal as you can. Hydroxyl = Our Highest Safety.