The Best Option for the Planet is a Total House Cleaning and Your Atmosphere is Not Waiting to Implode, it is now Imploding and You’re Not Protected-New Video

We offer 7 trademarked natural hydroxyl based products that advance Climate and Weather management based on sound science.  These products also decarbonize the atmosphere as they work, and are available to governments and qualified private entities to test.

  1. Total Restore TM, is our hydroxyl generating system designed to provide totally complete, residue free, GHG and pollutant removal at scale for the least cost in the direct air carbon capture field. Offers a total housecleaning.
  2. Purest Alkaline TM, for water, an oxidant that can remove pharmaceuticals/chemicals/organics from waters/effluents, and is the top ethical alkalinity enhancement for Ocean CDR and oxygenation.
  3. Natural Rain Trigger TM, Speeds CCN coalescence and conditions the adjacent atmosphere aerially for moderate precipitation.
  4. Natural Rain Suppress TM, electrochemical suppression of precipitation applied to cumulous and for aerial based conditioning adjacent atmosphere. 
  5. Inversion Resolve TM, Air shed aerial hydroxyl dispersal for resolving bas air quality in smart cities and regions.
  6. Hurricane Calm TM, For conditioning known hurricane tracks aerially with a powerful electron acceptor that de-energizes the hurricane- available for testing.
  7. Tornado Calm TM, Electron acceptor aerially applied to suppress and de-energize tornadoes.
Special SERVICES Ozone Remedy TM, We can manufacture and balloon lift Ozone atoms to the Stratosphere if the Ozone holes become dangerously large and compromised by allowing UVC-ground penetration. CFC-Oxidise TM, We can manufacture and disperse -or apply- singly and doubly ionized Oxygen atoms that will oxidize, Br, Cl, F, I, At, and HCFCs, making them rain out as inert compounds.

All of these natural residue free products are water based. They advance the science of climate and weather modification by offering powerful, advanced non-toxic solutions that are remedial and harmonious to nature. We think that harsh weather and climate modification chemicals will become a thing of the past, and good riddance.

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