Lowest Risk, Highest Return GHG and Pollution Removal Services Cost Guidelines Made Easy

Everyone makes GHG and Air Pollution and can have it removed by ReductionTech Inc., and payment plans are accepted. We give video talks that you can support by making a small purchase of your carbon removal with us. Shop Here to show your support if you like our content over on Viva1cable where you can subscribe to keep updated on what we are doing!

We do understand that everyone did not realize until recently that they have a need to ensure their emissions from 1990 to present are removed for safety reasons because of the damages they cause. We ask you to please work with us, help us get up and running with our CSA certified technology as urgently as possible, as if your home is threatened, because it very well could be, as we have now learned unfortunately. We are making up for lost time and you absolutely should be thinking that this is a DO or DIE situation! We need your attention on this and are also polling everyone as to why they come to this site and leave not having made a purchase of our very superior product. Email with just ONE Reason at: yesgreencarbon@gmail.com to tell us why you did not purchase, so that we can adjust. Please help us understand why you did not purchase our climate cleanup services right away when you know there’s a climate emergency. If you feel that you are too ignorant about this subject, please tell us! And go to our  YouTube Channel  Your home or family could be the victims of a climate disaster next. Daniel E Twedt states “It is time for us to take the question of our shared existence far more personally” Thank you.

This cost estimator will  help you understand what personal and corporate carbon and general air pollution costs with us. We respect your privacy and are not collecting any of this cost estimate data. We direct you to any number of precise and detailed online footprint calculators. Be aware they do not calculate your non-GHG pollution, but we account for that on this estimator for you. Note that our active operations are CSA Certified and purchases start at $1.90CAD, so you can crowdfund us.

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  1. Thank you for informing me, how much would I pay per month to drive my car 3 days per week at 3 hours per day.
    I would like to clean up my carbon footprint.

    1. Hi Anita! Based on your low key lifestyle, you would average about 4.5 tonnes a year, which is $843.75 a year or about $70.31 a month which is $2.31 per day. I hope that you know you’re doing pretty well. Thanks for your question.

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