What a Global Remediation with ReductionTech Doublet Hydroxyl Looks like-Videos

We’re the Nature – based Technology for rapid GHG removal. We know how to do it!

10 Page White Paper about global scaling of our technology at a cost of $187.50 US/ eCO2: We offer a level-boosting dispersal of Nature’s amazing atmospheric detergent by increasing the hydroxyl levels in the atmosphere…What could be a better answer? NO residues, non toxic. The atmosphere is a beautiful life-giving sewer with its hydroxyl self-cleaning mechanism that needs management and support. Its hydroxyl can be increased with the simple hydroxyl dispersal technology found here. Any time you have enjoyed fresh air, you have mostly the hydroxyl to thank.



Below video gives our documentation archives, testing and demonstration work for decisionmakers and the curious.

Just a Reality Check for potential lenders: We hold three smaller loans which enabled us to conduct 10 years of Research and arrive at our final design, this is why we are calling for a fourth subordinate loan to certify our final design. The payback projection is excellent and we will share this with serious inquiries only. admin@reductiontech.com

Please share our site with everyone. As soon as $200,000 is located, we can get started with helping to “Disrupt the Climate Collapse”. We will work with governments or investors or organizations.

Let there be NO arguments over this next statement: the atmosphere is a global waste receptacle and fully qualifies as a sewer requiring management by governments and citizens-pass it on.