Personal Message from the Founder of ReductionTech The Hydroxyl Dispersal Company

Hello, and welcome to my profit-controlled company, where a generous majority of purchses and investments are channeled back into the capital and operations that do so much for the environment. We share this because we are asking you for your hard earned climate change mitigation and personal cleanup budget funds so that we can disperse more of the naturally occurring hydroxyl radical for you and humanity. We are operating within these profit limits to ensure savings to all clients, like you, in a desperate time, who need effective, blue chip, affordable global cooling services, which need to be provided. We put you first by giving you the most effective and affordable climate system repair solution.

I’d like to apologize for the very basic look of this site, but rest assured, everything is secure, and we fully monitor the site and its security. In the future we will upgrade our look as funds allow. Please understand that we are bootstrapping the company and will improve the site as more funds to do this materialize. 

I want to talk with you about humanity’s best friend. It’s- a chemical- and smart molecule called hydroxyl which is an ugly name to be sure, but it is a molecule worth knowing about because it has made life much more possbile \ safe and comfortable after oxygen metabolism happened 2.5 billion years ago. At first glance, the proposal to disperse hydroxyl sounds like just another chemical approach. It is well known in science circles as mother nature’s universal detergent. This is only part of what hydroxyl does for us in nature, in addition to giving pristine air quality, and safe total greenhouse gas removal, it calms weather extremes, makes the atmosphere reflect sunlight back out to space, and increases biodiversity, mineral diversity, and plant diversity. It is considered to be over twice as fast at cooling the Earth than any CO2 only or methane only removal system and it costs only 10% of most of those! 

I do hope that you will take some time to learn more about hydroxyl as a residue-free biosphere life support system repair molecule. It truly is your best chemical friend in the unfolding climate collapse.

I have  put together 50 videos on our YouTube channel to provide you with more understanding about this incredible molecule and the incredibly good news we bring by being able to disperse more of it for clobbering the climate crisis. 

We are crowdfunding here as well as making open invitations for motivated early investors that can live with the 14x profit cap. 

We will also move to certified 10 year climate repair bonds that yield 7.9% to ensure affordable capital that allows savings for the ordinary person like you, who will end up paying for this disaster- hopefully -before it is too late.

We have to help nature the right way as it has been there cleaning up after a huge percentage of our personal and common emissions, but, we have now publicized that the natural hydroxyl is overwhelmed. We know this because methane levels keep going up now, which signals a failure in hydroxyl removal to keep apace of methane levels. Hydroxyl is the main way that methane is removed for us so you can understand us sounding the alarm. Hydroxyl can totally save the climate !

Lots of people don’t know about the vitally important impact of hydroxyl on our biosphere so please consider getting the word out that this molecule needs to be treasured for what it has done for us, 24-7 and what it can do for us in this unfolding climate crisis.

Hydroxyl really is our most powerful ally and we should lean on her to safely clobber the climate crisis like nothing else can. Reducing emissions and getting off of fossil fuels is hitting the STOP button, and hydroxyl dispersal is hitting the REVERSE button.

Please join us, and, please tell anyone who will listen. My Email is yesgreencarbon@gmail dot com, if you have a serious inquiry, please email me. Let’s get going on this great restoration and mitigation work together, We can do this. I promise to be here for you. 

My company’s values are;

  1. Tell the truth
  2. Challenge the ‘business as usual’ paradigm
  3. Offer constructive thoughts in any situation we are called to
  4. Work for the vulnerable in the climate collapse
  5. Pursue results and apply good science 

A little more about me is found at:

Viva Cundliffe, Phd abd, Founder, CEO

These parts of Nature Can be Restored with Controlled Hydroxyl Dispersal:

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