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ReductionTech Inc has a unique way of decisively removing all
greenhouse gases from the atmosphere simultaneously-we disperse the
same primary naturally occurring pollution cleanser with an
uncomplicated production and dispersal system-called the hydroxyl
radical. We are moving to a CSA regulatory approval stage, and then to
issuing certified climate repair bonds. Both of these goals have yet
to be funded, financed or equity invested.

We are Carbon removal XPRIZE finalists, Chemistry Nobel Prize
nominees, Katerva Award 2019 finalists because of the outstanding
global climate stabilization, biodiversity improvement, and weather,
planetary Albedo and climate moderations that can reduce severity and
duration of warming and extreme climate events. Deeply rooted in peer reviewed
science, we publish over 20 Academic white papers, over 25 educational
videos, and hundreds of references.

The technology price begins at below the $200/T target range for the
more expensive competitors, and will scale to $51/T. It provides the
fastest cooling and climate recovery along with ecosystem detoxification services.

We invite you to investigate and consider investing, in advance carbon
removal purchases here on our secure site, or sharing any programs where we could submit
project proposals, including carbon offtakes, weather, climate, and
drought modification beta projects.


We disperse the most useful, most natural compound in the world because it forms naturally from water-spontaneously or from an ozone atom combining with water: hydroxyl. It is already the main cleanser in nature, in the atmosphere and water surfaces. Our record pollution levels have swamped the natural hydroxyl, which is now going to be very problematic-its shortfall is a tipping point for the climate and in this 2023 El Nino Climate Crisis period, it’s going to be very noticable and, is already. Hydroxyl is our biosphere’s life support system, our “water cleanser”and ensures numerous important benefits besides carbon removal.

We have a globally scalable, safe, rare total GHG removal system -without residues-we make all pollution fall safely to the ground and can restore the global climate life support system and ecosystem to PRE Industrial levels by 2121, and bring real safety quickly in 30 years with 3.5 GT of hydroxyl being dispersed and an estimated temperature of 1.25’C above preindustrial. The cooling power of dispersing hydroxyl, if methane and CO2 burps get bigger is the fastest, safest, cleanest solution. The recovery period after the GHGs are removed may be extended, but hydroxyl dispersal will get us to recovery twoce as fast as CO2 removal alone.

If money was no object, we could remove 0.6-0.8GT of carbon within 9 years.

Additional critically important and valuable results achieved by a global release are highlighted here in this graphic:

Reference:”Wikipedia:Great Oxidation Event”

Imagine a new and revolutionary technology called “hydroxyl dispersal.” It’s designed to combat harmful emissions in our planet’s atmosphere and has the potential to bring about significant positive changes for the environment and all living beings. Hydroxyl dispersal works by using a special process called oxidation, which helps to purify the air we breathe. You can think of hydroxyl as a natural cleaning agent that helps break down and remove pollutants from the air. Unfortunately, in recent times, there has been an overwhelming amount of pollution, and the natural hydroxyl levels have become imbalanced. Smoke and particulate use up precious hydroxyl that could be removing methane. This imbalance has led to a buildup of harmful gases like methane, which is not good for our planet. Now, thanks to this new technology, we have the means to restore the balance and purity of our air. The hydroxyl dispersal system, developed in British Columbia, is like a smart ceramic pipe that efficiently removes emissions from the atmosphere. It is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution when compared to other conventional methods. The impact of hydroxyl dispersal goes beyond just balancing our climate. It also brings numerous co-benefits, such as increased biodiversity(mineral and plant diversity), healthier ecosystems, better air quality, increased cloud and sky reflectivity (Albedo) and even more stable weather patterns. These benefits are crucial for supporting life on Earth and preserving our planet’s natural balance. Moreover, hydroxyl is often referred to as “mother nature’s silver bullet” due to its incredible ability to reduce harmful carbon compounds and support vital life systems like soils, waters, and microorganisms. This natural process helps sequester carbon dioxide in soils for thousands of years, further contributing to climate balance. The technology is scalable and can be easily replicated. Each unit is made up of simple parts, making it efficient to deploy in various regions with different power and infrastructure capacities. The pending CSA approval, subject to a pre-approved audit, ensures that this technology meets the highest standards and undergoes rigorous testing for safety and effectiveness. By investing in this hydroxyl dispersal technology, we can make a significant impact on humanity and the biosphere’s life support system. The process of oxidation, which hydroxyl dispersal relies on, has been studied extensively and has shown promising results in past climate events. Successful cooling and environmental restoration have been observed following the removal of pollution in various natural processes. So, by implementing this technology on a larger scale, we have a real chance to combat climate change, promote healthier ecosystems, and secure a cleaner and brighter future for our planet. It’s a remarkable step towards a cleaner, healthier world for everyone.

Forest fires, particulates are also removed, but are causing the hydroxyl extra work. Hydroxyl is naturally produced and we add to this by separating and splitting the oxygen found in the air in our proprietary process. The main difference is that our hydroxyl has a lottle less energy than the hydroxyl formed by an ozone atom combining with water: O1D +H2O= 2OH* and the same energy as the hydroxyl that forms spontaneously in water droplets. It can provide the exact same services and we can control how much is dispersed and monitor it! Links to the chemistry info: 



As soon as this single unit is CSA approved, which it is already prequalified for, we can begin scaling by putting many of these together. Each unit or cell removes 54 tonnes of carbon, and they stack 6 high in this way shown in the building cutout:


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