The Power of Hydroxyl for GHG Removal in a Couple of Graphs-with the famous hydroxyl inundation calculation


This is the reaction speed between each species in a stream of concentrated OH*. Because a naturally occuring hydroxyl is being boosted in a situation where there is a life-threatening deficit, this is a remediation technique-not geoengineering.

The rate constants for all of these species at their current levels at 25’C are all plotted. Note that the typical OH* level in the atmosphere is 0.00045 PPM, which is shown in this calculator below. The above graph shows reaction rates when OH* is at 1000PPM, in a concentrated stream coming from a dispersal technology.

The 0.00036 PPM OH* level is based on 1PPT, or 0.000001PPM, which reacts and disappears every 2 seconds during the average 12 hour daylight cycle. This powerful repeated OH* formation phenomenon is behind why we have breathable air left, but as you can see by the pollution totals in the graph, which excluding CO2, are 2.16318 PPM. The difference is the OH* deficit. I took the deficit and divided it by the Total OH* flux to get the final % inundation figure. There is 25% of the OH* which recylce overnight as well, included in this calculation. Note also that the PM value in the tabulation is very conservative, at 0.312 PPM. The covert and unintentional geoengineering PM levels are higher than this, but are undocumented. The reader can plug in what they think this level actually is. OH* attaches to PM, so PM does deplete it. The 1w/M^2 energy imbalance of the Earth could be attributed to this inundation at least in part.

This is how important the removal services of OH* have been in our atmosphere and this should be put to work to remove GHGs and much more because the net cooling impact is well over twice as fast as CO2 only removal, which only has a cooling potential of 1. If we use a tonne of OH* to react with all ofthese pollutants, the cooling and sequestration potential is 11.22: The Y axis values are taken directly from the global warming potentials, which are based on CO2 being 1 and then all others related to that. These values are then adjusted to reflect the actual amounts of each gas present in the atmosphere in PPT:


This graph below shows the above blue values, and then in orange, what the OH* can sequester permanently. As you can see, CO2 is the only orange column that is not a 100% match. This is because when CO2 is removed by OH*, as the bocarbonate ion, 59% of it is found to re-release, but 41% is captured permanently. (, “Increased Terrestrial Carbon Export and CO2 Evasion From Global Inland Waters Since the Preindustrial Era”.

Provided by Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd. Viva is completing an MSc- PhD in engineering, is the inventor-founder of the ReductionTech hydroxyl dispersal technology, and the founder of the ReductionTech Hydroxyl Dispersal Research and Environmental Protection  Applications Society. She is registered with the Professional Chemists of British Columbia, is a Nobel Prize nominee, and a climate strategist. Her deeper dissertations on the considerable supporting body of science can be found at:, and 50 informational hydroxyl videos are located at @Viva1cable on YouTube-please subscribe to and share this important content.

She would prefer to have the technology crowdfunded, both through the non-profit society and the business to keep the technology affordable. Using angel and VC capital means the cost will be higer to satisy their profit motives. Viva is writing for grants every year as well to help get scaling. If she can secure $80,000 CAD for a CSA approval, the technology can go directly into the carbon removal market and start scaling. Watch for the new web site coming in early December at



  1. Wouldn’t the first order effect of OH+ ion mass dispersal be to sharply reduce ozone, O3, by reacting with it to turn it into O2 and H2O, water? High altitude ozone depletion is already a newly rediscovered menace.
    OH+ + O3 -> H2O + O2 basic chemistry

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