March 18, 2021

Global Scale Hydroxyl Release Information

Up to 2.1’C of Cooling is achievable with a Hydroxyl release because it removes all non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases and lots of CO2 at the right doses.    While the world works to change its fossil fuels based infrastructure, we are seeing the emergence of tipping points. This includes the problem […]

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June 19, 2020

Fillable Offsets Order Form Download-We are Ready to Serve Large Customers for $10US per Tonne CO2e Removed

ReductionTech Offsets_INVOICE Federal 2020 Governments must come to their senses and reset the atmosphere safely and urgently: this is why we have waited for 20 years for governments to evolve. Governments must act and scale up safe technologies like ReductionTech immediately. Governments now contend with vast emissions gaps and threatened […]

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September 27, 2019

Good News-Our Technology Removes all Types of Greenhouse Gases from the Air- Helping Everyone Disrupt the Cycle of Increasing Climate Damages

Technology that Works Directly Towards Global Cooling and Climate Restoration for businesses and communities is here. We can disrupt the climate collapse with safe community based greenhouse gas removal. You can now set negative emissions targets with ReductionTech in your climate management arsenal. The technology provides a full atmospheric “reset” […]

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