We have two categories of Corporations for this estimation of Pollution/carbon removal services that we provide:

  1. Resource extraction, fossil fuels, aviation and space exploration: The costs of your associated pollution, along with the carbon tonnage is higher. The premium for that extra work costs $200/Tonne. You will likely already know your carbon emissions gap. You need to go carbon negative by 2040.

This is where the PFAS, SGHGs, SLCPs come from, and they need more hydroxyl. We know that you understand!

2. Banking, light manufacturing, services, restaurants and tourism: You are the average in the developed world, and should budget $187.50/Tonne. You can find your emissions gap-the amount of carbon waiting in the atmosphere that is yours-through several calculators online. 

Once you have this emissions gap, you can disrupt its effects on yourselves and others here: 

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