We have three profile categories that we estimate for your clean air housekeeping:

  1. Economizer: My profile is that I am awake to the climate disaster, I ration my carbon, I limit flying, and don’t have many toys with emissions, however, I drive a vehicle 20%-35% of the time.

We suggest that for every year at this lifestyle level, you remove 4.5 tonnes of carbon per year. 

  1. Deluxe Consumer:  I have to commute by vehicle, I live in a household with recreational machines or power tools! I may have a swimming pool and share a second vehicle with someone!

We suggest that for every year at this lifestyle level, you remove 10 tonnes of carbon per year.

  1. High Net Worth Individuals

Millionaires and Billionaires: I have two or more homes, 2+vehicles, and recreational machines, and fly regularly. I’m taking my portfolio carbon negative by 2050 as I know I have a major carbon and pollution footprint and I am going to set an example for every year that I have been blessed in this way.

We suggest that for every $3million in net worth up to $27 million, you remove 45 tonnes of carbon and pollution per year. We suggest that you do a detailed inventory, especially if you think that you are pretty low key with emissions. Your going carbon negative as soon as possible is a highly leveraged and extremely positive thing you can do for everyone.

We ask that you take your inventory, and make a plan to pay. Most of your emissions and pollution events are still waiting in the atmosphere for you to deal with them and you can disrupt climate collapse by having it all removed. You may prevent your own personal housefire, flood, or food supply issues by getting it done. Payment plans are welcomed!   


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