Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How important is the science of the hydroxyl? The natural cleansing capacity has been working invisibly in the background for several billion years and helps remove dangerous things like all air pollution, viruses, mould and bacteria. Its versatile actions include oxidation (stealing electrons and breaking hydroxgen bonds), it also attaches to particles and weighs them down, bringing them quickly to ground, it acts like a surfactant in the cloud and weather systems, smoothing energy imbalances and normalising rain production. Since it is formed consistently throughout the atmosphere and in water droplets, it also whitens and brightens the air and the clouds while its working, which has reflective cooling effects called increased “albedo” or brightness, which causes significant cooling. Finally, any pristinely clean and fresh air parcel- high air quality-would be the result of the hydroxyl. This is all written about in the scientific literature. The planetary hydroxyl inundation is showing now as increasing methane levels that the hydroxyl has fallen behind in being able to clean up for us. It needs human support in our opinion in addtion to providing a safe boost to the levels that can remove carbon emissions for the least cost.
  2. What happens to any breakdwon produsts in the air like formaldehyde from methane? With adequate ongoing levels of hydroxyl, all of these are quickly broken down and removed to the ground safely with in seconds.
  3. How does the technology compare on energy use and unwanted residues? Each of our “cells” can remove 54 tonnes of carbon while using 1000 watts of installed green power over a year. That’s right: that’s 18.5 watts per tonne of removal.  4-6 cells can take up only 1.5 square meters in the facility. Two things are dispersed safely from this facility, hydroxyl, and pure cleaned up atmospheric nitrogen.
  4. Is this another greenwashing technology? We avoided working for the oil sands cartel in the past, which cost us progress for sure, but we knew back then about greed, deception and greenwashing by these players. We think all of the the deception of the fossil fuel industry must be punished by courageous governance as aggressive financial recovery policy that should have been in place 40 years ago when governments were giving these peole permission to pollute under the guise of “licensing”. Politicians and scientists were very inappropriate to be avoiding proper governance on this issue by allowing externalization of the pollution and need continuous pressure to do the right thing to this day. The monied cabals have indeed cost many lives and livelihoods except theirs, and one way or another-it will come due. In 2023 we watch with sadness at the collapse events, and really would like to be already removing all of the GHGs and pollutants that are responsible for the climate collapse. ReductionTech Inc absolutely does not want to be serving the elite at the end of all of this scrambling to settle on what is needed. We deeply feel the loss of every life and livelihood. The wealthy are an insulated block of society that should be told that the right thing to do is pay up and pay back for what they externalized to humanity in the name of doing less with more. We want several memorials built to remember the climate casualties that were caused by these -named people, and for more people to cut their recreational & luxury emissions immediately. We stand with what we think is a very fast and safe solution that could be running while we also deal with the lingering and growing injustices that need addressing, for the 90% of humanity that is moving to doing things rightly to save itself-we believe that the wealthy 10% generally are looking out for themselves. Frankly, the evidence for that statement is all around us.  

          We really don’t want to build more technology than absolutely necessary so we strongly advise deep, forced emissions cuts,                    especially in the top income brackets where they don’t want to hear this. We urge governments to get tough because people are            dying and, we absolutely support climate protest groups who are really doing humanity a favor by trying to affect the bought off            political governance sectors around the world who reliably show up at the COP meetings at our expense and get more partying              done than governing the climate crisis. We have to remember that being at the feeding trough of the wealthy with access                        to the revolving boardroom opportunity doors comes with many “strings” attached. This is probably why politicians and                        scientists were unwisely “reticent” to step up -it was plain selfishness and cowardice. 

  • Why is this technology better than single gas removal work like CO2 or methane removal?

          This is summed up in one graphic by an independent outside analyst. As you can see, a total GHG removal is over twice as fast              as CO2 only removals: 95% of the unwanted atmospheric mass of GHGs is CO2, but it’s only 64% of the problem. Hydroxyl will            encounter CO2 and remove it inorganically into soils permanently through hydrolysis. Hydroxyl can react in fractions of a                      second, so this speed is a major asset to humanity.


  • How do we track the gases and form a basis of how much hydroxyl is needed? We can track all gases in a spreadsheet in ppm so that we know how many ppm of OH* to release. This is what it looks like:


  • What we do at ReductionTech as a “profit controlled” corporation. Our plan is to be as affordable as possible and our founding investors will be limited to profits that will keep them in the middle class and no higher. Equity investor’s profits are capped at 14x, and we will move to registered climate repair bonds which are the most affordable working capital so that even emerging economies can afford our services as we scale to tight margins at $51/tonne. 
  • Basics on the hydroxyl dispersal technology: how it is produced -pictures



The recyclable ceramic captures oxygen as a single oxide atom, which is then contacted with water to form double strength hydroxyl.

This simple enclosure makes sure that the gases are separated and measured.

On the left, you are seeing an actual prototype from a group of 6 prototypes that were developed over 8 years and resulted in two          technologies with a final design to a TRL of 8. It is the main part of a cell, which has been repeated 8 times. The building in the          middle shows a cut out on the corner of what a 1200 cell facility will  look like. Viva started with a glass prototype to prove the              concept, which is shown, and the other versions include a unit that has full controls on it on the right. The larger vessel is our              CO2  Crusher, 2nd from right. These were all witnessed by the government of Canada in support programs with The Industrial Research Assistanc e Program, fully documented, and verfied by several people including a due diligence team from Europe which included Dr. Finn Nordmo, who went on to nominate us for a Chemistry Nobel in 2012. Unfortunately because there was no market to scale up in back then, these units had  to be scrapped. We do now hold the final designs and are pre-approved to earn a unique Canadian Standards Assocation  verfication and approval as a carbon offset provider once we secure enough funding.

  • Scale up plans?

          We will move from the CSA approval demonstration unit right to marketing for scale up in 8 cell increments, with our initial                  goal as 1200 units (cells) that will remove 64,800 tonnes of carbon a year in a 10,000 square foot building. We have two videos              on hydroxyl dispersal safety issues at: @Viva1cable

  • How much energy is needed for our very special CO2 Crusher which is a CO2 utilization technology that can make diamond powder that can be laser fabricated into advanced parts and structures by the thousands of tonnes?

    “One of the criticisms of CCS is that it is so energy intensive and is why many are so dismissive; they say that the amount of energy needed to have a significant impact is prohibitive . Comparisons between your technology and others in terms of energy balances”. PJ Mann quote. 

          The CO2 Crusher can intercept CO2 destined for underground storage and -we hope- relieve pressure on forest based building                materials and other laser sintered parts using our tetrahedrally amorphous carbon powder, which we easily produce. It does                  take energy to do this, so there are limits to this growth until it’s situated with a good solar and hydrogen based power supply.              The benefits of crushing CO2 also include oxygen, which we use to make hydroxyl, and CO2 is a rich source of oxygen. People                should be aware that when they are burning anything, they are depleting the Earth of precious oxygen as well. The CO2                          Crusher can be a useful part of the hydroxyl dispersal work we plan to do. The energy cost is 4kW per Kg of carbon/5.2Kg of                  hydroxyl produced, which will remove 3.74 tonnes of carbon for every 1 Kg of carbon produced by hydroxyl dispersal here as                well.

  • How badly needed is this hydroxyl dispersal solution? We need to strategically reverse as many “bad happenings” with our climate system as efficiently and effectively as possible. Since oxygenation events in the past brought on a planet hospitable to life, bringing the ozone layer, and hydroxyl, we gained many life supporting co benefits as we have mentioned. ReductionTech technology is simple enough to be globally scalable (which the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism offsets review team had ackowledged to us in 2020), while we are under a lot of pressure from climate collapse. We only need trained laypersons on the technology. Ordinary people can be trained to operate it, which means we can draw from more people, and cost less. Over-engineered solutions will bog humanity down, and if they are single gas removal solutions with suction fans and unwanted side reactions and residues, they are a poor sunk cost. Our ceramics are 100% recyclable. Hydroxyl leaves no residues and it ensures that all unwanted pollution falls safely to ground, just like it is doing right outside everyone’s house right now.
  • How pollutants are naturally broken down and how long they typically take now and how our technology can help: Our YouTube channel has this video:

          With the great oxygenation event, we also had an oxidation event follow right away because oxygen gets smashed up by sunlight and forms ozone. When this ozone loses energy it got from sunlight, it gives off an ozone atom, which mixes with water. The reaction is O3-hv= O2 + O1D, O1D + H2O = 2OH*, so, it makes 2 hydroxyl radicals naturally. Recently also, it was revealed that hydroxyl will form in water droplets spontaneously in the dark. So it is found in the gaseous and the liquid state where it can perform its fantastic services for supporting and protecting living organisms and the climate. The “Consequences of Oxidation” heading at this Wikipedia article here which is backed by 80 papers is very helpful and supported by major amounts of research:

  • Are there any additional co benefits? Our team offers even more services beyond the global hydroxyl dispersal service. You can get a summary of those services here, which includes our ability to repair the ozone levels if they get too low-let’s hope that we don’t get called on to do this:
  • We believe that, long term, toxic weather modification programs will be stopped, and that non-toxic methods like our advanced oxidants will be used to correct and sheperd atmospheric water around in a just and fair international program that we will hopefully bequeath to humanity as a part of our legacy. 
  • How big could we go with this technology to get this job done? As a part of our Carbon Removal XPRIZE entry, we were required to project large scale up-and provide third party verification, and footprint calculations. We also calculated the hydroxyl needed to permanently remove 65% of the unwanted gases in the atmosphere. For that, we would need to scale to release 4.2 gigatonnes a year of hydroxyl for 60 years. Here is a summary table of the costs to do that, note that it is relatively small compared to the exploding exponential adaptation costs, competitor cleanup costs in the tens of trillions, and significantly less costly than one gas removal techniques that are scaling:

Small footprint: Close up of stacked cells, each cell removes 54 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

O(1D) is the ozone atom. Reaction 4 below is a major source of hydroxyl. 

Main atmospheric OH formation reactions (M represents air molecules N 2... | Download Table

Hydroxyl is also formed this way at the surface of water droplets spontaneously:

Water surprise: microdroplets have potential to produce H2O2 | Research | Chemistry World

These mechanisms now cannot keep up with the increasing methane levels now, signalling that hydroxyl is overhwelmed or “inundated”. All pollutants are now at all-time record levels. Naturally occurring water droplets were found in 2023 to be spontaneously forming hydroxyl, so much more hydroxyl was present than we knew, but what that means is that we really have damaged a very large biosphere life support system with pollution, which is much larger than we originally thought. A boost of the hydroxyl levels would really reverse the overheating and lower the chaos, doing so much more for this system, as we have shown with independent published science. See the graphic at the end of the FAQs.


  • High level comparison snapshot of the impacts of scaling a hydroxyl release to repair the climate via boosting hydroxyl to the existing inundated biosphere life support system and hydrological system:

Additional questions can be sent to: yesgreencarbon@gmail dot com